Training Makes All the Difference in Youth Ministry

We recently hosted a three month long leadership training program that was attended by seven men and four women. The training helped them to grow deeper in their relationships with God by practicing morning quiet time in silence and solitude. The participants shared with us that it has helped them to become more disciplined in growing and having a meaningful relationship with the Lord. Many of them reported that this practice has transformed their lives.

They were also given opportunity to lead our Bible study. When they first arrived at the training center, they were all very quiet and shy. However, as they began leading and learning, they developed a new level of confidence. They finished the training with a new vision of reaching other men and women in their churches and communities.

V* is one that participated in this training in the past, and he is now a youth leader in a diaspora church. Before going through this training, he had been leading the youth without any formal training. He admits that it was very difficult for him to teach and lead them from the word of God without having any training in this area. After going through our course, the ministry has gone through a dramatic shift to be more effective. Now, he says, he can preach in the worship services too. He said that the course has been the foundation for his youth ministry.

We praise God for what He is doing through this training program. Our desire is to see that more and more people will be trained to take an active role in the church and missions to fulfill the Great Commission.

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