Training Feedback

SEPR-PRODEV Disciple Making Mvts training

G: “In the churches today, the multiplication of disciples is very slow while requiring a lot of energy. I was particularly impressed to see how one can do God’s work in a simple, light, yet powerful and fast way, above our imagination. It has more impact that what we are used to doing and seeing in the churches.

“Back to my village, we have a church planting ministry. To me, it is as if the Lord is preparing me to enter in this way of simplicity to multiply disciples. So, when I return, I will put into place small groups for multiplication.”

C: “I was particularly impressed by the subject of leadership within a Disciple-Making Movement – the dependency, the competency and the character a leader should have. I see that I need to repent from the dictatorial way of leadership I was taught if I want to progress well in the work the Lord has given me.

“I pray the Holy Spirit will help me start with my wife before I share with the church. I need to share with her the lessons I learned here from God. When she buys into them, then we will share with the church and with other church leaders in our region. I don’t want to promote any church except the Church of Jesus-Christ alone.”

M: “I have been called to mind by the subject of leadership – owner leadership versus steward leadership. This notion of steward is challenging all that I have been doing because I find myself behaving like an owner. So, I need to correct it.

“At a personal level, my vision has been revived, that of training young people in the church. Several of them are now leaders. I stopped this work and had been focusing on the church activities. I think I need to resume this initiative of making disciples who will make other disciples.”

From this teaching, our vision is to launch the strategy of five-member cell groups.


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