Trained To Train


Over the years, I (ministry leader Alex) have trained close to 400 Christians to serve as Master Trainers who, in turn, train other believers. In the past three months, the 390 Master Trainers trained 8,376 church leaders. Praise the Lord.


Last week we had a good training time which makes me very happy. The training was for one of the biggest church denominations in Ethiopia. We trained 86 church leaders. When the training ended, one of the participants, speaking for the others, said, “In the history of our denomination, we have taken many trainings, but today we ate bones!” (meaning strong lessons for life.)


Participants decided and promised to serve as a father for church members who are fatherless to help them mature in life and grow in their Christian faith. They said, “Thank you for giving us this lesson. We need more and more teachings like this.”


It is really exciting to see church leaders hungering after the Word and Truth, and then passing this on to their congregations.

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