Touched by Jesus through Television

Our vision at House of Hope is to see a church in every village, town, and city of the Maghreb country (northwestern Africa). Last year, our team had someone praying and fasting daily. Our Church Planter team includes seven couples and three single brothers. They work and evangelize in more than 20 towns and cities in the west and north-central part of a Maghreb country.

During 2018 the authorities shut down several churches which put fear into our team and many Arab believers. In spite of this, the mighty Holy Spirit continues to save hundreds of people each year. Doctors, lawyers, Islamists, and Sufi chiefs have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Some of our outreaches include camps for young people, children, new believers and women, and baptisms in the summer. Our team also uses websites and different media in their evangelistic ministry.

In 2018, 103,000 people saw the Jesus film; 29,125 people visited our websites and church; and 22,305 people were reached on Facebook. On average, we receive 115 contacts via phone calls, each month.

touched by jesus through televison


Testimonials from the television program

“I am watching the church service every week. I am fascinated by your integrity as Christians, your faithfulness to your God, your sincerity to your language and traditions. I respect you Christians. I think you are going to make a difference in the region… Go on Christians, you are the example to be followed in this country!”

– Muslim Doctor

“‘Free Souls program is a robust program. I was watching the different testimonies of many people who had an amazing experience with God that I never knew. Today, after watching this program for 2 years, I gave my life to the ‘true God.’ I really thank God who put this channel in my way.”

 – Maghreb Believer

Please pray for God to send us more committed workers to join our House of Hope Church Planter team to go into His harvest field, for His praise, glory, and honor.

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