Top Three Greatest Needs

Three Ministries are severely underfunded. Will you help support them?

Our three most under-supported ministries are National Christian Network, IEM (acronym used for security), and SIGO (acronym used for security) in South Asia. All these partners are doing crucial work in South Asia among a population that is less than 2 percent Christian. These partners need your help and prayers to overcome religious strongholds in South Asia and present the freedom and love of Jesus Christ to their communities. We are prayerfully seeking to raise $60,000 to fully fund all three of these ministries by June 30.


The third most underfunded ministry, SIGO, focuses on influencing the high-caste Indians within predominately Hindu communities. The Church is growing in the least-likely places throughout India because of South India Gospel Outreach. Your support will equip and train leaders to become key influences in their communities.


#2 IEM

The second most underfunded ministry, IEM, focuses on building intimate relationships with the people it serves. Your gifts will help our partner ministry build trusting relationships with hurting people who are seeking answers. IEM works in 80 different people groups in India.


#1 National Christian Network

The most underfunded ministry, National Christian Network, reaches people in word and deed. Floods have devastated many people in Sri Lanka and destroyed homes and local communities. This ministry provides aid and relief to many communities and is committed to transforming their nation through missions and development.


A gift of any size can go a long way to ensure these ministries are able to continue to serve the unreached communities of South Asia.

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