Top 10 of 2016



This past year has been one of answered prayer, new endeavors and cross-pollination. And you, through your prayers and finances, had an important part in it. Here are the top 10 things you helped us accomplish in 2016 through your giving and prayer:
10. In July, fighting broke out in South Sudan, displacing people from their homes and cutting off basic supplies. You responded by giving about $17,000 in four days. We were able to help thousands in desperate need as a result.
9. Although our partnerships are usually with overseas organizations, this year we developed new partnerships with like-minded ministries in the U.S. We joined in a college missions conference called Urbana, where we got to share with 16,000 young people. We also partnered with the producer of The Insanity of God, a film that tells the story of Christian persecution, during a one-day nationwide showing of the film in August. And we developed planned giving options through an organization called The Orchard Foundation.
8. We work with 57 organizations in the least reached areas. They have their own culture, identity and methodology in the various countries where they work. Something amazing happened this year. We saw a greater degree of collaboration among our ministry partners. Some sent money to ministries in other countries. Others shared their best practices so fellow ministry partners might adopt these new methods. Believers from a variety of countries and backgrounds joining together to do God’s work is a wonderful picture of how God meant the Church to be.
7. Our Board of Directors is a fundamental part of guiding our growth and keeping us on track. This year, we nominated a new board chairman, Kamesh Sankaran, and welcomed two new board members. Those include: John LaRue and Dan Brown.
6. As we work to strengthen existing partnerships, we always have an eye on expanding into new areas. This year we began partnerships with five new ministries.
5. In the wake of the worst humanitarian crisis of our time, you helped give more than $250,000 to serve refugees in a variety of countries. Those funds will provide food, education and other needs, as well as Gospel outreach.
4. Finishing the Task has compiled a list of about 1,300 people groups who have little or no Gospel witness among them (unengaged people groups). This year, through your giving, we will be able to take two people groups off the unengaged people group list.
3. We took on something completely new this year. In partnership with Whitworth University in Spokane, we brought in speakers from the least reached places to share their experiences with local churches over a 9-month course called On Mission. The goal was to help us all create a more missional mindset here and abroad. We had 60 individuals from 15 churches participate in the live On Mission event, and now are offering the content through online courses for churches across the United States.
2. We had 250 workers among our ministry partners participate in specialized training in Muslim Outreach. We are excited to see the fruit from this training.
1. In 2016, our ministry impact numbers were up almost across the board. They included 358,72 Gospel presentations, 59,421 new believers, 87,372 new church attendees, 36,987 leaders trained, 5,380 new small groups 1,963 new churches, and 199,832 people assisted through relief and development.
Thank you for your part in these top 10 ways God is changing lives for the Kingdom’s sake. We praise God for a fruitful 2016 and look forward to what He has for us next year with your partnership!


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