Toilet attendant gets surprise visit

It was almost 5 in the afternoon when Fatoha decided to return home from ministry. He is a church planter with Sundanese Christian Fellowship in Indonesia. The journey took a long time for he had been quite a distance from home. On the journey he began to have stomach pains and decided to stop at a gas station to use their facilities, assuming that he would have diarrhea. However he did not have diarrhea and started to leave the facility.
Public toilets in Indonesia usually have an attendant one pays a small fee to. Fatoha searched for small change but found none. So he took out a Rp.50,000 note ($3.75). The attendant said, “You don’t have to pay because I have no small change.” Fatoha was surprised by his kindness, and struck up a conversation with him.
The name of the toilet attendant was Maman, 63 years old. He is married with four children and grandchildren. He had been working just two months as a cleaner and attendant at the gas station. Fatoha wanted to tell Maman about Jesus.
“When we have a debt, it often makes us anxious, doesn’t it?” asked Fatoha. Maman agreed with him.
Fatoha continued: “What do you do so that your debt of sin can be forgiven and you don’t have a debt any more with God?”
Maman answered: “I pray and am sure that by doing so, my sins can be forgiven.”
Fatoha responded: “Are you sure that all your sin will be forgiven? And, when you face God on Judgment Day, are you sure that you will go to heaven?”
These questions took Maman aback, and it was obvious that he wasn’t sure if all his sin would be forgiven and whether or not he would go to heaven.
Fatoha continued sharing the Gospel with Maman, while praying that God would open his heart to trust in Jesus. Praise the Lord, Maman was open and responded by declaring that he wanted to put his trust in Jesus. Fatoha prayed for Maman and led him in prayer to receive Jesus as his Savior and Lord.
By this time it was dark. Before leaving for home, Fatoha shared with Maman that for those who truly trust in Jesus, the Bible commands us to be baptized. They agreed to meet again at 5 p.m. on Saturday to study the Bible and for Maman to be baptized.
The time for the meeting with Maman arrived, but Fatoha’s sense of excitement left him when he received a message from Maman saying that he had had to return to his village and that their meeting would have to be postponed for four days. Fatoha prayed for Maman that, by God’s grace, he would not turn his back on Jesus.
Later he decided to take the initiative to go to the gas station where, praise God, he found Maman working. But Maman was not alone – there was a young man working with him. It meant that Fatoha and Maman could leave for a short time to talk, while the young man stayed on duty.
Fatoha went over some of what he had shared previously and again talked about baptism. Praise God, Maman responded positively, and they arranged a time when Hasan, a colleague of Fatoha, would come along and be involved in baptizing Maman at a local river. After some mentoring, the baptism took place.
Maman said he felt a sense of peace. “It was as if I was carrying a burden, but after my baptism, the heavy burden was gone.” He felt renewed and relieved, and had never felt like that before. All this was because of God’s grace. It was God Who helped Fatoha to share the Gospel and God Who also worked in Maman’s life so that he would be saved. Amen

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