Times of Joy and Outreach

One of our most blessed times of the year is the day before Resurrection Sunday. Our Alatoo team and our families spent the entire day together in one house. We held a special program for the children telling what Resurrection Day is about, reading books, praying together, coloring eggs, playing games and cooking lagman (a meat and vegetable stew with homemade noodles).

The time was so much fun and encouraging, and it helped our children grow spiritually. One teenage girl became interested in the Bible stories and began to read Bible from that day. Now she has a lot of questions about the faith. Other children love Jesus and loved the times of prayer. Please pray for spiritual growth of our children.

Community Health Education

Last month we conducted Community Health Education (CHE) trainings for members of the church. The trainings included Healthy Relationships, Healthy Nutrition, and Prevention of Diseases (Hypotension/ Anemia). Participants said that the training materials are very simple and easy to share with the rural people.

In fact, May 21-23, the Alatoo team and members of the church are going to village “C” to provide Community Health Education (CHE) using Jesus’ methods (Luke 10:1-10). We would like to show the church workers how to find a “man of peace” and how we use the CHE trainings. Our goal is that the trainees will enter many villages using the CHE methods and widen His Kingdom.

Deborah Conference

We finished working out the timetable for the Deborah conference which will be held June 5-8. Now we are doing the preparation for the conference: presentations, cards, sessions and others. Pray for the women who want to attend to have the finances to do it. This once-a-year event is so instrumental in the lives of these women who all come from difficult situations.

Please Pray:

  • For the CHE trainings in “C” village May 21-23.
  • For the Deborah Conference June 5-8, so every sister will identify God’s calling on her life.
  • For partnership with churches and our ministry in the villages, so really we can help each other to widen His Kingdom.
  • For the work of our Healthy Family Living program. We had to discontinue it in two villages due to lack of finances.
  • For the families of Alatoo’s leaders…. for each person’s health, and for their spiritual growth.

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