An Introduction and Thank You

Introduction to our ministry

Greetings partners in ministry!

Most of those we minister to are nomads, living with low income and poor medical support. In our region, there are a high number of orphans and children with single parents. Most of the children have little education, and it is with children that our ministry originally started.

In East Asia, we find two extremes in church ministry: one focuses only on spiritual salvation but neglects physical needs, resulting in little influence within society; the other is only meeting physical needs and is not touching spiritual areas. Through years of exploration, we have adopted a holistic concept as our strategy. We take Jesus as our example. Our programs include teaching health knowledge, free medical treatment, youth education workshops, student sponsoring, etc. By meeting people’s needs, we contextualize what we believe. Children in our ministry

For example, we recently distributed thirty-two bags of clothes to poor Tibetan people. At some villages, the local leader came to help. In one village, we gave three trainings to students at school about character, relationship, time management, etc. We believe we now have strong relationship with this school. Every month, there will be a group activity for left-behind children at school. This is a new beginning of our community ministry, and we have opened an office in the school’s village.

Thank you

Although we haven’t met, we know the presence of each other. We know a group of people in God’s kingdom are supporting us silently. When we say grace for food or receive a gift from you, we always remember you in prayer because of the power and confidence we have through you.

This is a place full of spiritual warfare, cultural difference and temptation. We sometimes feel weak and lonely. But knowing there are companions like you is such a great encouragement. It’s not hard to imagine you are also fighting against the world and evils at another corner of the world. Your love, hearts and gifts are especially precious to us. Thank you!

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