Three Missionaries Among Three Unreached People Groups

During a missionary meeting earlier this year, the three missionaries working among the Muslim people presented their reports. These three missionaries were working with three separate unreached people groups, and pastors from the ministry that they were connected with had recently visited their mission fields to see their work first hand. These are testimonies from the three pastors after their visits:

“I have seen new believers baptized who gather in their homes for church services. There are now thirty-nine believers among the Boulala people – eighteen men and twenty-one women. The difficulties they face are social and cultural, but persecution is insignificant compared to what some other missionaries go through.”

“This missionary has done the work that was required of him among the Bua people. Fifty-seven people have been baptized as a result of his outreach, and they are now being discipled. Financial support is still needed for our two missionaries among the Bua and the Bokurugue people. The new disciples are persecuted. They have faced death threats from people in their communities, but the local authorities are committed to protecting them on the basis that Chad is under a secular constitution.”

“This missionary is using his skills as a nurse to serve this unreached people group. In doing that, he has quickly earned the people’s trust. He is actively leading sixty-nine new disciples. All of them gather in three different homes, and live according to Acts 2:46-47. Support for the workers is still a great need. This missionary was recently evicted from his home, but a local Christian accommodated him for three months. When Partners International sent some funds, they allowed him to pay his rent backs and rent another house for his ministry. The authorities have also warned against the persecution of Christians.”

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