The threat is closer than we thought

“I had no idea—I thought HIV/AIDS was far from our region, but now I see it is not!” said one of the 28 community leaders who was attending Alatoo Community Development’s conference last month.

Alatoo was conducting their second Community Development (CD) conference in this Central Asian city. Besides HIV/AIDS awareness, the leaders participated in and gained knowledge about Community Development (identifying problems, needs and resources of the community), and the 5 phases and the love language. Here we’ll just share about the eye-opening HIV/AIDS discussions.

Alatoo invited specialist doctors from an HIV/AIDS center who shared with the participants the statistics about HIV disease and the situation in their republic, especially in their region. The head of the HIV treatment department talked about how to prevent, identify, treat HIV, and how to help diseased people if you meet them.

Statistics show 242 known cases of HIV/AIDS in a nearby city and the number is growing every year. The most vulnerable people are migrants, youth and women.

After the conference, these leaders automatically become those who will share this lesson with their fellow villagers. Right away we conducted street trainings in two villages. The leaders took an active part in this training, using visual aids which they made themselves by hand. These were posters and pictures showing dangerous results of the infection.

The people in the street trainings were open to work with Alatoo. They had a lot of questions and Alatoo trainers helped the community leaders to respond accurately.  The street people were interested in prevention of this disease and asked for the address of the HIV center. Please pray for their hearts to be open to help each other.


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