Therapy Gives Refugees Hope

Therapy Activities and Their Benefits

Purpose Haven collaborates with another Jordanian church to provide activities for women and child refugees. For the women, we provide dressmaking workshops, home visits, leisure activities, laughs, and prayer. For the children, we organize recreational activities and celebrations. It was the first time that about 15 Syrian women had ever had contact with a church.

At one of our centers, we have multiple art therapy activities. One of the activities includes us asking the children to draw what they dream of. This is to encourage them and help maintain hope for the future. One of our boys dreams of one day living in a house with a garden.

boys garden

For another activity, we helped some of the refugee girls learn to deal with negative emotions. We asked the girls to think of a place where they feel safe. During times of sadness, anger, and anxiety, they can remember this place as a healthy way to deal with the challenges they’re facing.

The therapies we carry out in the center provide the refugees with ways to cope with their issues on an emotional level. Many of them open up and over time, allow us to speak into their lives and share the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have seen radical changes in their lives as many of them have decided to turn their hearts to Jesus Christ!


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