The Truth Makes Us Free

Kostas started his research two years ago when he was browsing through educational programs. When he saw a publication about Christianity, he decided to click on it and started watching the videos. That was the first time he ever heard the phrases “Christ the Savior,” “original sin,” and “Christ died for you.”

He began to know more about the God of Christianity and started finding out the truth about Islam. He received answers to his questions that he had never received from Islamic teachers. This went on for a year and a half, until two months ago when he decided to accept Christ into his life. He felt a deep peace in his heart, the peace that drives out fear.


Rami was a moderate Muslim. He loved to know and analyze all the things he heard and read so he could understand them. He hated memorizing without understanding, which is how it is done in Islam. He used to criticize Islamic ideas because he felt they were not based on rational logic.

He came to the Creator of the universe when he had a very sad incident in his life: the death of his brother, who committed suicide by burning himself with gasoline. After that horrible event, Rami started asking tough questions and came to the conclusion that a man’s life must have consequences and that someone must control that which is beyond. Rami thought that if there is a God, he could not be the same god of Islam that was taught to him in the Qur’an.

He started investigating other beliefs, including Christianity. He looked through many sources and found a TV program that had information about Christianity. He admired what he learned. As the days went by he became more curious, watching programs where Muslim women and men asked questions. All of this led him to accept Christ as his personal Savior. Then he started looking for believers to share his decision with. Now he is growing in faith through the teaching of the local church where he attends at every chance.

Names changed for security

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