The Third Phase of Disciple Making Movement Training


In our third round of Disciples Making Movement (DMM) Training, we launched another district from March 4th – 6th. Trainees came from many different local churches. We focused on the third Pillar book – How to Make Disciples and we discussed on the following specific issues: radical discipleship, an understanding priesthood of all believers, inculcating great commission, mobilizing believers to outreach ministry and understanding discipleship strategies and multiplying disciple-making in their local church. It was a time of sharing testimonies, reports of the last three months, one on one mentoring and praying one another.

ETSI Mar April 20194

Spreading the Gospel is one of the practical assignments the trainees’ practice when they go back to their home area. Within three months the trainees should share the Gospel with their relatives and neighbors. During the last three months, they go into different districts for their outreach ministry.

Training in the local church

Disciple-making is also one of the assignment to multiply the discipleship movement. During the last quarter, trainees focused on the disciple-making to help believers to grow maturity in Christ to understand why they are living in this world.

DMM training focused on disciplined daily devotion. It is the number one agenda to grow in spiritual life and develop a closed relationship with God. Training intends to encourage trainees to give more attention to and meditate the word of God on a daily bases as well as stand firm in their faith.

It helps them to understand and grow in the Biblical knowledge, to get a fresh message from God’s word, grow in character development and it changed their pulpit ministry and actively worked on the outreach ministry.


Group Discussion

During training time trainer open door for two ways of communication that also helped trainees to learn more about one another. Trainees are also encouraged to share their testimonies and their challenges openly with one another.

ETSI Mar April 20195

Impact Story

In all of the places we have had the Disciple Making Movement (DMM) training, those who went through it all had a similar revelation. After the two days of training, they started to evaluate their lives and their ministries. They then realized they had been making the mistake of taking the place of God and were trying to be in control and lead from their own interests. “We were serving our will rather than Gods will.” All these problems they had been facing came from lack of knowledge that they were able to gain in training, praise the Lord.

One trainee said they were serving from a self-centered stance rather than a Christ-centered stance. Because of that, they lost many people from their churches. They went to new private churches. Many ministers stop serving in the church because of leaders so that we thank God who opened the door for us to learn through this training.

The Challenges We Face      

We face many different challenges as a ministry in some areas, it’s the climate. In other areas, we struggle with transportation and facilities such as the availability of Hotels. Often times food is a significant challenge. In some areas, the leaders are not faithful in time management, or they are not teaching people how to sit and learn, but elders are not willing to sit and learn. But God is good all of the time!

ETSI Mar April 20191


  • For DMM training third round
  • For outreach ministry of W* District and people who came to Christ through DMM

Prayer Request

  • Pray for Believers who are facing Challenges and percussion from extreme Orthodox and Muslims
  • Pray for the peace in the country

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  1. Charles Bulambo

    Pls, I’m interested to have and participate a DMM in Ndola, Zambia.
    I’m an Apostle, founder of God-given ministry.
    We are passionate about evangelizing community and Discipling brethren.
    Best Regards. Thx

    • Partners International

      Hi Charles,
      Thanks for your interest! We aren’t currently working in Zambia but we will pray for your ministry to find training on Disciple-making.

  2. Robinson


  3. Rev David Asthana

    Please, I’m interested to participate in a DMM in Utter Pradesh states. I’m an Apostle, founder of God-given ministry. We are passionate about evangelizing community and Discipling brethren.
    Best Regard,
    David Asthana

  4. Rev. Mesfin Getahun

    will come to work together for the kingdom of God in North Ethiopia.
    thank you!


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