The Second Phase of Disciple Making Movement Training

Discipleship Training

The Disciple Making Movement’s second phase took place this last December. People came from multiple different local churches, 95% of them were full-time ministers of local churches such as pastors, evangelists and church planters.Disciple

The training during this second phase focused on the “Holistic Growth of Discipleship.” In the classroom, we held a question and answer time and discussed current issues that the church is facing today, challenges of holistic discipleship growth, components of discipleship growth, reporting the progress of discipleship training in their local churches, fellowship with one another, and evaluation time after reporting.

At the end of each day, they broke up into one-on-one mentoring with a trainer. This was a time of fellowship, praying with one another and encouraging one another.


Learning How to Spread the Gospel

According to the trainee’s personal report, the Good News has been shared with 1,930 people, 23 of them came to join the local church. Now they are taking time to teach fundamental Bible doctrine and to grow in Christ.


Disciplined Daily Discipleship

Disciplined daily devotion is one of the most significant areas in their life to grow in the relationship with God and build relationships with people they serve. Using their experiences with the Bible as the foundation for their personal transformation, which helps others become closer to Jesus today than they were yesterday. The purpose of daily devotion is to help every trainee learn to feed themselves through the word of God.


MentoringMentoring is one of the most essential parts of the training. The trainer has been taking time with trainees one-on-one mentoring. It was a time of developing trust and relationship between mentor and mentee. They took the time to discuss personal life, family, and local church ministry. The mentor then asked some relevant questions about their personal lives, family issues, and church ministry. Mentor and mentee discussed the life challenges, success and shared their life blessings. Finally, they took time for prayer.


After Pastor D* went through the Disciple Making Movement first phase training, he organized two discipleship teams in his local church and commenced consistent training. He also encouraged his discipleship team to focus on the disciplined daily devotion and family worship. Disciplined Daily Devotion helped his team to be a friend of the Bible in their daily life. It also helped to evaluate their daily life in the light of Scripture. His teams encouraged one another. Through discipleship training, team members encouraged and motivated each other to share the gospel with their relatives and friends. God also added new converts to their congregation.


Prayer Request

For fruitfulness of Disciple Making Movement in the local church level

For the political situation of Ethiopia (Peace and reconciliation between different people groups)


We thank God for the progress of Disciple Making Movement training.

We thank God for SIM Ethiopia outreach ministry and you for financial support.

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