The Ripple Effect

The ripple effectHe was just 54 years old and he died last September. The previous day his wife called us to say that her husband was sick and had just been admitted to the hospital. We immediately went to visit him at the hospital where we met with Mr. SM, his wife, children and grandchildren. They asked us to pray for their father, so we prayed together.

After praying his daughter gave us a cool drink. While drinking we could still joke and laugh with Mr. SM., so we regarded his sickness as not that severe.

However, the next day about 2 am, his wife called and said, “Mr. SM has gone!” We could not believe it and asked what she meant. “Mr. SM has died!” she said again.

“But yesterday we were laughing, chatting and it seemed that his sickness was mild,” I said.

“Yes,” she explained, “but that later that night after we left, Mr. SM fell in the bathroom and suffered a heart attack. Not long after that he passed away.”

The first two weeks after Mr. SM passed away, whenever we passed his house, we hoped to meet with his family, but no one was ever home. We prayed that God would take care of Mr. SM’s family and that we could meet them again. The last time we passed by, we noticed that all the garden plants were gone. We learned that his wife and her grandchildren moved to her parents’ home in another area.


Mr. SM believed and was baptized at the end of 2015. At his own expense, he was a regular attender at every discipleship and training meeting we held and also at meetings with his group members.

In just under three years that Mr. SM was a believer, never stopped sharing about the Lord Jesus Christ. He shared the Good News with his family members, friends, and acquaintances. By the end of his life, he had won seven members of his family to Jesus; his wife, his children, his son-in-law, and his grandchildren. They used to meet regularly to worship and study the Word of God as a group, but they have scattered since his death.

Besides family members, Mr. SM also won two friends to faith in Jesus: 41-year-old Mr. Usma, driver of a motorized tricycle, and Mr. Rus, aged 40, a fisherman.

In turn, Mr. Usma has won four people to Jesus and discipled them in a group but this group ceased to meet after Mr. Usma, the leader, moved to another area.

Mr. Rus has won six people to Jesus; four of whom are members of his family and two are his friends, Mr. Ar and Mr. Udi. They are being discipled in a group that usually meets weekly, but if Mr. Rus, Mr. Ar and Mr. Udi are at sea netting fish, they then meet every two weeks. As they work on the same boat, they have the opportunity to study the Word of God on the sidelines while fishing.

And in turn, Mr. Ar has won five people to Jesus and disciples them in a group.

Mr. Udi has also won four people and disciples them in a group.

We are able to meet routinely with Mr. Rus, the generation leader under the deceased Mr. SM, so we can continue the discipleship and training Mr. SM previously led. We meet weekly or fortnightly, depending on their fishing schedule. In these meetings, we equip Mr. Rus with lessons we have prepared so that he can disciple and train Mr. Ar and Mr. Udi well.

What we’ve just written are five groups of believers who came to faith in the Savior thanks to the witness of Mr. SM. So far, they total membership of around 30 believers. But Mr. SM’s hope was that all his family members, friends and workmates would hear the story of Jesus Christ and come to faith in Him. This has not yet been fully achieved. Hopefully, we, his family members and friends who have believed can accomplish Mr. SM’s hopes to the glory of God.

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