The Pursuit of the Holy Spirit

During aThe Pursuit of the Holy Spiritn international gathering for peace that we were invited to, we were able to spend several days with friends – young artists primarily – who received the message of peace and reconciliation. In a forum about the Christian worldview of peace, we were able to share the meaning of peace from our dependence on God. We were able to make several connections, and there are two of them with whom we now periodically meet to deepen this understanding of true peace.

In that time, we kept in touch with a young woman who had recently come to know Christ. We call her “Salma”. We began a Bible study group with her. She is the first and only believer that we know at this time that lives in this region. She shared the Word with other friends in another city farther north, and these friends also accepted the message and began to meet sporadically. In spite of being new to her faith, all that she is learning she shares with this group in the north.

It is impactful to see how the Holy Spirit seeks a person, even in their childhood. Salma, our new sister in the Lord, tells us how, since she was eight years old, she has had a deep desire to know God. At fifteen years of age, she began to have dreams about the Messiah, without knowing what they were about. She believed that in seeking after philosophy, she could better understand the truth. During her high school years, she read the works of the principal philosophical thinkers throughout history. The dreams of the Messiah and the message of the cross continued appearing over the years. One day, on her aunt’s bookshelf, she saw next to the Quran, a book leaning up against it which drew her attention: The Gospel of John in Arabic. She asked to borrow it and began to read it. There, many of her dreams began to make sense, and little by little, through the Word, she was able to make sense of the pieces of the puzzle of her life. She looked on the internet, and through a social network found a group of Christians that, little by little, began responding to her doubts. One them visited her and put her into contact with us. Praise God!

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