The Power of the Gospel

Because of the global pandemic, the training center had been shut down for a year. But by God’s grace, it restarted again at the end of March. Trainees were very happy and gave thanks to the Lord for gathering together again for discipleship training. Trainees came from different local churches and new church planting areas. Training focused on church planting, counseling, group prayer, one-on-one mentoring, reporting, group discussion, questions and answers, and discipling believers to help them grow in Christ. It was a great time to pray together, learn from each other, and evaluate the progress of discipleship and outreach ministry in their areas.

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A participant from a previous training shared his testimony. Aaron is a local ministry worker serving in an area dominated by Muslims and Coptic church members. In the last several years, evangelical churches have been under pressure from these other groups. Witchcraft and evil spirits are common in this area. Some people become possessed by evil spirits. During the training, Aaron learned how to counsel people in difficult life situations.

He immediately thought of a high school teacher who had been possessed by an evil spirit for the past five years. The man was out of his mind. He stopped teaching and was living outside his home. So after the training, Aaron started visiting this man in a loving, caring way. He would spend two to three hours every day praying with him and reading the Bible to him.

It took months to see much progress in the man’s life. After five full months, this man returned to a normal condition. Then he accepted Jesus as his personal Savior. Now, he has rejoined high school to teach chemistry and is continuing his life with Jesus in the center. God used Christian love, Bible verses, prayer, and counseling to set a mad man free and bring him to inherit His eternal kingdom. The name of the Lord has been glorified in the town. Now more than nine new people have joined the church to follow Jesus. Thank you for your prayer and for standing alongside this ministry.

Thanksgiving and Prayer

  • We thank God for restarting discipleship training
  • We thank God for people saved by outreach ministry
  • Pray for Ethiopia’s political situation and peace, and the upcoming national leadership election
  • For God’s protection from global pandemic
  • For fruitfulness of discipleship and outreach ministry in Ethiopia

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