The Power of a Single Friend

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Ali* is a Muslim man in his mid-forties who works professionally as a driver. When we sat down to talk with him, he told us: “I used to be a witch. I was married once, but that whole time I was continually under the influence and dominion of an evil spirit. Every night, that spirit would come to me in the form of another woman claiming to be my legitimate wife, and would overcome me by force. My marriage and other relationships suffered greatly from this continued intrusion.

During this time I was also doing very well financially, as far as earnings go. However, it seemed that all of these earnings were falling into a holed pocket. I was unable to cover my home’s basic needs, and my wife, who could not bear to be with me any longer, finally left me alone. We are currently divorced without any children, and I now live with my mother.”

Ali* did not only lose his wife. He also lost his friend: “It was as if the evil spirit wanted to be my only companion in life,” Ali* added.

But Ali* had a friend by the name of John*, who did not abandon him. A disciple of Jesus, John* kept visiting him, sharing words of encouragement and the Hope he has in Jesus Christ. Ali* said: “I was comforted by his words, and enjoyed discovering who Jesus is. I have to say that after our first prayer together, the nightly visits from the evil spirit stopped. I have less struggles in my life, and I can see now that Jesus really is powerful.”

Ali* and John* have kept reading the Holy Scriptures, sharing and praying together. Day after day, changes become obvious in Ali’s* life. Jesus’ miracle in him is even reaching his dear mother, and several other people in his neighborhood. By the power of the Lord, life is coming back into Ali*.

*Names changed for security reasons

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