The Pig Project: PRODEV Update (Senegal)

Pork Production Ministry

In the area where we minister, the majority of the population consists of farmers, herders and traders. The two dominant religions are Islam and animism. The produce (pork) of our own farm has become well-known in our town and in the greater area. We are grateful that the demand is greater than what we can offer. Currently, we are even receiving orders from neighboring countries, such as Gambia and Guinea Bissau. With your support, we have been able to hire a veterinarian and cover a portion of the pigs’ feeding costs. The pigs are in good health.
Our current challenges are organizational. Our human resources are limited, and our business requires skills that we cannot pay for now. We have, therefore, been counting on volunteers to cover our staffing needs.

A PRODEV pigstyWe thank the Lord for the relative peace we are enjoying in our region. We are encouraged by the fruit of this
project, and it is part of our vision to see the transformation of the lives of people in Senegal on the spiritual, social and physical level.

Please pray

  • that servants of God will volunteer to serve in the ministry.
  • that God will raise donors so that we will be able to support more workers.

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