The Lord Transforms our Future

This summer, several churches came together and organized Christian camps for families, youth, and children. We joined with these churches to encourage them and welcome their new believers. These moments of sharing blessings bear much fruit and strengthen faith.

We make a habit of following up with the people who come in contact with us. We can connect with people from all corners of Algeria, through television or social networks.

Here are two testimonies of lives transformed by the power of our Lord:

Aldjya* is a sister who lives in southern Algeria, persecuted by her unbelieving husband because of her faith in Christ. She has contacted us several times, asking us to pray for her. Recently, she called to tell us that God is working in her husband, he still does not believe, but he no longer persecutes her. Her two daughters have accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of their lives.

She still prays for her husband and her other children so that the love of God may touch them.

ALBE aug 2019 unsplash

Menza* is a sister we have been connected with for a little over a year. She found us looking for someone safe to talk to after experiencing a traumatizing rape. The sensitivity of her situation made it hard to trust anyone, especially within our culture. She convinced herself to call us because of our anonymity. She was in a terrible state, continually repeating, “My life is over; there is no hope for me anymore.”

We showed her love and acceptance as we encouraged her to trust God’s love and hope we can receive from Jesus Christ. After a few months of encouragement and being renewed, she began serving in the children’s ministry at her church. Although she was healing from her past, she believed that marriage was impossible for her and that no one would accept her.

The Lord is good and surprised her, and she met a brother in faith who’s interested in her. As we prayed for her, we encouraged her to build her life based on truth and transparency. After a few months of dating this man, they decided to get engaged and are currently preparing for their wedding. Menza has hope from the Lord that does not deceive.


  • Please continue to pray for the situation of several churches in different parts of Algeria that have been closed down by the Algerian authorities for no good reason.
  • For the Algerian government, may the Lord incline his heart in favor of the church.
  • For the presidential elections in Algeria (scheduled for 2019), may our Lord be in control of these elections for the good of your church.

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