The Lord Prepares Hearts through Dreams

The Lord Prepares Hearts through DreamsOne of our workers received a call from a friend who lived in a village forty minutes away from the town where he was visiting a family at that time. His friend asked him to come see him as soon as possible, because he was talking to his brother-in-law, who wanted to hear more about becoming a Christian. They went to the house and had a good time sharing with this man who had expressed desire to belong to the family of the Lord. Our worker had the privilege of clearly presenting the Gospel to him, after which he accepted Jesus into his life. The Lord had already prepared his heart beforehand through dreams!

A few days later, we invited a friend and her son to dinner. We talked about Christmas, and we mentioned the Light that came to the world in darkness. Instantly she was amazed by this concept, and she confessed that for years she has had recurring dreams in which, surrounded by darkness, she receives a light that comes from above and enters through her chest, and that light dissipates the darkness around her. That light – she described – besides reaching her from above, also reached thousands of people around the world! This allowed us to present the Gospel to her by reading John 1 with her, in her language. She paid close attention to each word, which surprised me, and expressed much gratitude for the dinner and the talk. We challenged her to pray (with her own words and heart) asking God to let her understand that dream and to show her His Truth, which she said she would do. We believe that the Lord has been reaching out to her for long tie, so please add her to your list of prayer requests.


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  1. Pam Tenn

    Praise God for this wonderful ministry and the way the Lord is using it to reach hearts He has already prepared. Your faithful witness is fruitful because of your obedience and the Lord’s great mercy and power. May He continue to reach those He is calling to Himself through dreams and faithful followers of Jesus and may those whose lives are touched and changed be granted wisdom and growth in the faith.


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