The Gospel Spreads in Spite of Church Closures

Many churches have been ordered to close the doors of their meeting places by the government. These pressures by the governing authorities signal a coordinated campaign of intensified action against churches. So far, two churches, the House of Hope and the Church in the South have been closed from hosting meetings and other activities. Nine others have been visited by local authorities, which seems to be their first step before ultimately ordering their closure. All the accusations leading to the church closures have been unfounded. The authorities argue that the local church buildings are unacceptable for worship, and that the church licenses that were granted in 2011 are incompatible with the new law concerning the different associations. They seem to be trying to weaken the church and to render it ineffective. The pastor of the church in the place where we have a team, which was recently closed, said, “The Church of Jesus is not the walls or the roof, but it is Jesus’ people, His living Body!”



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