The Gospel in a New Village

The Gospel in a New Village

Two years ago, our ministry organized a vast Church Planting program. However, due to several realities, the program did not go according to what we had envisioned. Nevertheless, we are starting to record conversions and churches planted in several villages. That is what has happened during the past month of October in the Daboti Kurmawane village, where over 150 people came to the Christian faith. This is reported by the Pastor Usman Abdu, who is our missionary in the area. The chief of the village himself was among those who were converted, which represents a great opening for the Gospel in the area.

Church gatherings there are being held under the shade of a tree. By the end of November, a shed will be built. The following year, the ministry will build a chapel and a literacy center.

Apart from literacy, there are several other needs in the village. Women still manually pound cereals with the strength of their arms, and the provision of a grinding mill will greatly alleviate their workload.

Join us in prayer for the Daboti Kurmawane village and its region, that the Lord will open more doors. Also pray for our missionary, who desperately needs a helper who speaks the local language.

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