The Gift of Cows Changes Lives

The Gift of Cows Changes LivesThese are two testimonies from people whose lives were changed as a result of our ministry’s cow bank project:

“My name is Tha Heak. I have eight children, and one of my daughters who still lives with me has mental and physical disabilities. She is thirty years and is unable walk or speak, as she is physically deformed. I am blessed with the privilege of leading one of the cell groups in my church, as I love being able to serve God even though my time, resources, and abilities are limited.

“I was overjoyed recently when I was selected to receive a cow from the cow bank committee for my family. My hope is that, through this gift of a cow, my family will be able to escape from the cycle of poverty that we have been stuck in for so long. The signs that this might happen are already good, as my cow blessed us with one male calf four months ago. My prayer is that more calves would follow after the first. At this moment, I am more encouraged than I have ever been, and I am trusting in the Lord for His provision and care for the poor woman like me. ‘Pure religion and undefiled before God is to care for orphans and widows…’ James 1:27.”

“My name is Sarin Thorng, and I have one daughter. I am elated that the cow bank committee has chosen me to be its next recipient. This demonstrated to me how much love Jesus and the church have for poor people like me. Moreover, I am very happy that my cow recently produced one female calf. I hope that, through this cow, my family’s living conditions will improve. Thank you Jesus for blessing my family with this cow!”

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