The Cycle of Discipleship

The Cycle of Discipleship

Eki* is a local believer who was recently trained by a church planter from Cahaya Suku in how to share the Gospel with Muslims. He has been enthusiastic in practicing what he has learned, and just last month he taught one of his friends how to initiate a conversation about the Gospel with Muslims.

When they were intentionally looking for a person to talk with, they met a young man named Revan* in the town park. Initially, they were afraid to approach him because he looked like a thug, but they eventually decided to talk with him anyway. After meeting him, they realized that he was a very gentle person. He is nineteen years old and works on a construction project in the town. This led to an interesting conversation about the safety issues facing their town. They

all knew about recent murders that had taken place, and Revan said that he was on the scene when the most recent one happened.

As their conversation got more intense, Eki began to direct it into spiritual things. This led Revan to realize that he was a sinner and in need of forgiveness. At that moment, he believed in the Gospel message and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Eki went on to share the story about the Ethiopian eunuch from the book of Acts. Through this story, he encouraged Revan to obey the Word of God and be baptized. That night, without a preparation for a change of clothes, Revan did just that on a beach near the town.

In the days that followed, Eki and Revan met regularly for discipleship, and Revan was excited to learn. When they talked about Peter and Cornelius, Revan responded by saying that Jesus should be proclaimed to all people, just as Peter had shared about Him with his family and friends. Because he was so passionate about sharing the Gospel, three days later a church planter from Cahaya Suku gave him a short training on how to share the Gospel with Muslims.

Shortly after this, he attended a fellowship group of new believers led by Eki. During this meeting, he told others that he had shared the Gospel with one of his friends, but he refused to believe in the message. The people in the fellowship strengthen Revan’s heart and encouraged him to keep sharing the Gospel despite the rejection.

The group of new believers led by Eki is having problems finding a time to meet and fellowship together. Most of them work late into the afternoon, so the only time they are able to meet is at night. This is a problem, because the town is not safe at night. Please keep them in your prayers, that God would keep them safe when they have to meet at night, and that they would be able to find a safe place to meet.

*Names changed for security reasons

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