The Connect Café

Our Connect Café is the only café with a Christian ethos in our area. It’s a place for people to Connect with the community and with God. We do our best to create a welcoming atmosphere, our helpful team builds relationships with those who come through our doors. We bless the locals by providing job opportunities and running a socially responsible business.

We are enjoying a season of harvest at Connect Café! We are seeing new faces come in and be blessed by the testimonies. We had a 10-year-old girl who accepted Jesus in her heart as she was eating a snack with one of our outreach team members. She wrote down, in her own words, a prayer to Jesus and accepted Him in her life. This girl used to have fear in her life and evil around her, now she has put her full trust in Jesus to fill her and free her from all fear!

At Connect Café we host ministry projects. It is a great base for our discipleship ministry as our discipleship team can meet with people and disciple them in a safe and comfortable place.

One of the women we are discipling, who is a follower of Jesus, was touched by the story of the Samaritan woman as we shared the word of God with her. She said: “I love Jesus so much and I’m seeing that I am different now that I have a relationship with Him. Even my husband noticed even though he doesn’t know the reason.” Jesus established a connection with the Samaritan woman and revealed who He is to her. In the same way, Jesus continues to reveal Himself through the written word and revelations to many people in our area.

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