The Church Continues to Walk

We had our Church Association Leaders meetings with 47 churches represented. As you know, we are facing a new wave of persecution by the government since January of last year.

The church leaders have decided to stand firm and continue worship. The chain of fasting and praying will continue all over the country.

Training and leadership development will be one of our main focuses. We will develop a specialized training program for those who completed the one-year Timothy training. So far, 428 students have graduated from our program. The aim is to recruit 15 to 20 promising students. We will continue the training at our three Timothy Schools.

We thank you for your prayer and financial support to continue the work we are doing here. We continue to visit families, disciple, and share the Gospel.

Pray for the leaders of the Church to keep their faith and eyes on Jesus. Pray for new believers that their faith will not be discouraged, but that it will be strengthened, Thanks for all the support!

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