The Chance to Dream about his Future

The Reaching Himalayas Center continues to help the children who are in need. These are the children who come from very remote places and often do not get the best in their life. This is a short story of N*:

N* is a boy who lost his father at a very young age. His father was the one providing for his family before he died, but afterwards, their family began having huge financial problems. His mother was physically weak, but she also has to work in order to feed her family. N* never got to dream for his future, and he never thought about going to school because he knew that his mother could never afford to send him there. Even though he wanted to go to school, he never asked his mom to send him there, because he didn’t want to make things hard for her. After he joined the children’s home, he got to dream about his future for the first time, as this was the first time he had more than one option for his future. He is now studying in tenth grade. He not only found family at the children’s home, but also came to accept the Lord. Now he is very much active at the church, and he helps in any way that he can.

*Name redacted for security reasons

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