Thanks and Prayers


We would like to express our hearty thanks to all of our friends who graciously gave to us through Partners International. Your prayers and finances are being used to impact lives, plant churches and transform society as a visible witness of the Kingdom of God.


  • For our former coordinator for women’s training in Kathmandu, who gave birth in March.
  • For the new training coordinator who will be appointed to take her place.
  • For political stability in the country.
  • For legal procedures that our ministry has to fulfill.


Learn more about this ministry here.

2 Responses to “Thanks and Prayers”

  1. LorryLutz

    Thanks for the information and prayer requests. It’s so much easier to pray when there are personal needs, people, pictures given. I pray for women in many parts of the world so will be glad to add Nepal .

  2. Barry Davis

    My family continues to pray for the work you do in Nepal. I hope that things are starting to get back to normal after the earthquake. Do you know Brother Bhim in Kathmandu? We met him in 2009 and were very impressed with his ministry.


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