Thanks and Prayers

We are very grateful to all our donors who have supported us in different ways, and we extend our heartfelt thanks. We pray that together we can glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus. May the Lord keep us in our health, and may he bring harmony and peace to our families.

Please pray:

-That God strengthens and encourages our teams in their responsibility for the next generation of believers.

-For there to be more workers to follow up with our TV audiences.

-That the Algerian authorities to agree to cancel their laws in March 2006 regulating non-Muslim worship, because since these laws, local authorities turn against churches and Christians.

-That authorities of the country to be able to recover the ancient places of worship where there are groups of Christians who are unprepared. Pray for the authorities in this regard.

-For the protection of crew members, pastors and teachers who are engaged in the production of audiovisual programs, technical and production team.

-For our audio-visual production and revision of the Old Testament.

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