Prayers & Thank You, Seed Eurasia

Please Pray:

  • For God to comfort the wife of our dear pastor who passed away and to give wisdom to organize the future leadership of the church.
  • For the chapel at Pendik, that the Treasury allow us to restore the ruined chapel, or that land be ceded to us to build a chapel near the airport.
  • For funds to equip the first Troas Center building, and to continue building the apartments.
  • For follow up and lasting results from an evangelistic campaign we held in Eskishehir in July

In all these areas of our lives and ministry, you are key with your prayers and support. We give infinite thanks to the Lord for such a valuable contribution, for your love, affection and companionship. And we go forward with the hope to continue to see, in His faithfulness, more and more advances in this surprising and needy country.

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