Testimony of Transformation

Testimony of TransformationDomar* is a 47 year old man who lives in the Northern Region of Ghana. He loved and faithfully practiced “the religion of the fathers”, as idol worship is sometimes referred to in Africa. He often ridiculed Christianity as a foreign religion and didn’t welcome attempts by anyone to share the Gospel with him. When his younger brother came to faith in Jesus Christ and tried sharing the Good News with him, the gesture was met with nothing but hostility. According to Domar*, he would often scream at his brother, telling him to go away with his foreign religion, any time he tried to share the Gospel with him.

Although Domar* lives in a different village than his brother, he often visits him there. It was during those visits that Karky,* his younger brother, tried sharing the Gospel with him. It often got so bad that the neighbors wondered who was fighting with him because Domar’s* screams reached their compounds. Meanwhile, Karky* remained calm and did not do so much as raise his voice amidst the threats of his elder brother.

Time gradually wore on, and months turned into years. With time, Domar* began to see the stark difference between his life and that of his younger brother. He realized that where his brother’s life was filled with meaning, peace, and purpose, his was the opposite of every good thing his brother was experiencing. It dawned on him that his brother had something that he did not have. It did not take long for him to see that it wasn’t something but rather someone, Jesus, the one over whom he often fought with his brother.  A now sober Domar* then told his brother that he wanted to give his life to Christ. He came to faith in Christ about a year ago and has since remained a committed disciple.

During my recent visit to the field last week, I met Domar.* He shared his testimony of transformation about how the angry, bitter man that he used to be, has by the grace of God, been replaced by a calm, friendly, peace-maker.

Truly, the Gospel changes lives! To God be the glory!

*Names redacted for security reasons

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