Testimonies and Prayer Requests

These are testimonies from some of our television viewers:

F* is a sister from one of the areas where we work who is in need. She was unemployed, and survived by eating homemade waffles, and her cousin was constantly causing her trouble. F* called us to explain her situation, and we prayed for her. After a while she called us again to tell us that her cousin had stopped causing her problems and that the Lord blessed her with a job.

H* and M* are a Christian couple from the same area. The difficulties they have endured as a couple have caused them to start considering a divorce. A Christian friend of the couple called us to pray for them. This Christian friend called us again not long ago to announce that the couple had been reconciled. The Lord blessed them with a new place to live, free of charge.

Prayer Requests:

  • For the Lord to soften the heart of the Algerian government so that they give favor to the Church.
  • For our TV program listeners (those who are sick, persecuted for their Christian faith confession, unemployed and without homes. For couples in difficulty.
  • For our teams to be encouraged, and for their protection.
  • For the audio visual production, for the protection and multiplication of production posts
  • For our revision of Old Testament translations
  • URGENT PRAYER REQUEST – The last month a lot of churches in different areas in Algeria have been closed by the authorities of the country for no apparent reason.

*Names redacted for security reasons


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