Teens Pouring Back into the Camp

 Greetings from hot Central Asia, we want to share our joy with you.

We have joy in our young counselors, who were participants at the camps a few years ago, but now, they have a heart for the camp ministry and volunteer. They can understand teenagers really well since they’re close in age and serve as spiritual friends.

KGCA may june 2019 update

And here are some testimonies, why did they decide to serve at camps:

Anara* (18-year-old, girl):

“For a while, I didn’t know what God’s calling for me was; I didn’t see the purpose of my life. But I knew that I should try to understand by serving in some different areas. I decided to start with children’s and teenager’s ministry, because it is very close to me, and I could understand them. I grew up in the camps, and it impacted my life very deeply, and I know how impactful the work is.

I’m so thankful, for everything I have learned in camp; I understand the Bible more. I see a purpose for my life and know that I can apply all the lessons I’ve learned when I teach at the church or teach at camps. So now I have a strong foundation in the Word.”

Taalay* (18-year-old, boy):

“I decided to serve at the camp because camp helped me grow up spiritually. I believe that I shouldn’t just be getting something out of it, but it’s time for me to give all that I have to the others. I want to be a vessel; I want someone could get the same help and impact from me, as I got through all the years I attended camp.

At my church, I couldn’t understand the Bible correctly, because we only hear sermons there, but here I learned how to discover God’s Word by myself.

 I have realized that God’s Word is open for me, God can speak to me, and it is very helpful! Now, after these lessons, I can understand more who am I, and who is God, thank you, I will use all this knowledge in my ministry.”

Dear Partners, thank you for all your prayers and support, God works through all of you, and now we can see the fruit, that these kids, grew up and want to serve to the others. We believe that God is calling all these teenagers to serve Him, to spread His Kingdom, even if nobody believes them, but God is calling them.

Please pray for all these young hearts who want to serve Him.

Please pray for our team, some of us are tired because there’s so much to do – some of the team members are sick from being worn out. Please pray for their health.

Thank you! May God bless you all!

Camp Adonai team.

*Names have been changed for security.

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