Elaine Lo

Elaine has a long history with Partners International having supported its ministry for more than 15 years. Raised in a Christian home in Canada, some of her first memories are of the Chinese Christian Fellowship meetings her father, a professor affiliated with Ambassadors for Christ, would host. She, however, was not exposed to a missional Kingdom outlook on life until her college years when she attended URBANA ’87, and later was challenged to read “Revolution in World Missions” which introduced her to indigenous ministries.


An engineer by training, she worked at Intel Corporation in Corporate Marketing on the Intel Inside team and later focused on large business marketing communications campaigns. While working there, a mission trip to Argentina helped crystallize her understanding of God’s plan for the world as she visited inmates in maximum security prison. Witnessing the transformative power of God as exemplified by one man who had once been called “the butcher of Paraguay” compelled her to seek a deeper connection to ministries focused on global missions in the 10/40 Window. The testimony of those prisoners and their prayers for the Church around the world humbled her and along with her husband, who proposed in Argentina, they dedicated their family to support missions. Later, at Cisco Systems she worked in Corporate Identity as the Naming and Branding manager also responsible for M&A brand transitions and Trademark and Copyright infringement/enforcement.


She and her husband William have a passion to see the world come to know Christ and believe that the most effective way to do this is through indigenous ministry partners. She also loves to serve in worship and prayer in her local church in Cupertino, CA and has two college-age children.