Teaching children to teach children

Child focus health education is a part of the Community Health Education (CHE) project. Dariya Development holds classes in some government schools to educate and develop children morally, physically and spiritually. Dariya also forms children’s CHE groups in each school and provides training to the older children who will then teach CHE in the younger classes.

The CHE children are encouraged to know all the stories by heart before they teach the lessons. The lessons are followed by art work, games, and creative works. Dariya encourages the teachers in the schools to help the children prepare the lessons.

Testimonies from two boys who are on the CHE committees in their schools:

My name is Raj* and I study in 9th class. We are five brothers and sisters. My father is a sweeper in our village. My mother is a cleaning lady. I love to study. I will support my family after completing my education.

The team of Dariya Development visits our school and teaches us about different moral stories, health tips and Bible stories. They have formed the children’s committee in our school. I am very happy to be a part of this committee. I have delivered two health lessons and one story. I really enjoy teaching children of my school through these awareness lessons. I also told about it to my family. They are also very happy.

My name is Sannu*. I study in 7th class. My father is a rickshaw driver. My mother is a housewife. We are two brothers and two sisters. Teachers come in our school and they teach us lessons of different types. We enjoy a lot from these lessons which are very beneficial for us. I am also a member of our CHE committee. Now we are sharing lessons and stories with the children of our school.

I shared with my friends and family members. I like games and action songs. We are very happy that this team came in our school. They visit in our school two times a week, and we spend such a wonderful time with them.

*Names changed for security reasons.

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