Teacher Finds Christ through Student

Teacher Finds Christ through StudentS* is a middle-aged nominal Christian who lives with his wife, M*, and their children in a small town, served by AWEMA, in North Africa. He works as a teacher and school principal in a small school. He wanted to know Jesus personally and deeply. He knew through one of his students that an AWEMA worker visits her family.

One day, the AWEMA worker was visiting the student’s family and she said to him, “My teacher would like to meet you.” At that request, the AWEMA worker visited him and his family. S* expressed his desire to have a personal relationship with the Lord, both he and his wife. “Start with me from scratch,” he requested from the AWEMA worker. A week later, the worker visited the couple again, and they agreed to start studying a discipleship course designed for new believers. Their passion to know the Lord became a part of their lives. They also committed their lives to knowing the Lord more.

They are still continuing their Bible study lessons with us. M* now attends the regular women’s meeting that we hold, and even leads worship sometimes.

We pray for the couple to stand firm in the faith. We also pray for their children to attend the Sunday school we hold, and for S’s* brother to come to faith in Christ.

We are thrilled to see how God is wonderfully using us to reach out to more people who are sincerely seeking Him, hungry for His Word, and have no resources to help them. We pray that He may continue to shine His light through us as we strive to reach out even to more people and to teach them His ways.

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