Tailoring Skills Give Women Independence

The women studying in our tailoring unit in Mumbai are beyond ecstatic as they work towards building up their own small businesses. One of the volunteers from the drop-in center introduced the team to Enactus, which is an NGO that provides sustainable livelihood for women that are from underprivileged communities. Enactus ordered laptop pouches and bags from the tailoring unit to sell at shopping malls and exhibitions. The team has also got another order of two hundred pouches.

The women are paid fair wages for the products they produce, and through these sales they receive enough money to support themselves. This kind of exposure and experience has motivated the women to take orders independently as well. One of the workers says, “I am earning decent money in a respectable job and that gives me a boost of confidence. I have not only learned tailoring skills, but I have also learned to set up a small business. I have received a sewing machine from Oasis, and I can now take orders independently.”

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