Tailoring Classes Empower Women

Sasi is the tailoring coordinator at Oasis India. She completed her Technical Teacher Certificate (TTC) and has been a part of our ministry for over a decade. Here is her experience in the tailoring unit, in her own words.

“It is a wonderful experience to teach someone something. I feel great when my student begins earning an income using the skill that I taught them. Knowing that I was in some way involved in the growth of another person gives me a sense of satisfaction.

“What I love about our tailoring program is that we don’t just teach them tailoring or stitching, but we try to instill in them a passion for the art. We give them life skills and tips on how to save and contribute to their house financially. Every batch of students is like a new family, and we share in their happiness and sadness. The women find a sense of strength and support in their peers and in us, their teachers. It gives me a personal sense of fulfillment when I am able to help another person when they are going through a rough patch.

“My inspiration was a neighbor next door. This young girl, who was married with two children, wanted to learn tailoring, so I taught her in my free time. She continued to work hard and now has a small tailoring store of her own. She stitches chudidhars and has become quite famous in her area. This small town girl with a passion to stitch has now made a living out of this skill that I taught her. That was an inspiration to me.

“Many women in our communities struggle to get by. They are women who are not able to continue their studies, have married early, are single mothers, or have careless husbands. The skills that we teach these women have empowered them beyond their struggles, and their skills stick with them through thick and thin. It is an honor for me to be a part of this, and to help them reach their goals.”

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