Supporting Ministry through Breeding Pigs

Pigsty 7

In one of the towns where we work, several individuals raise pigs to generate additional income for their families. If they are profitable enough, a family will often hire someone to take care of their project on the side. A few years ago the breeders in this region decided to organize an annual trade show, where they could compete on the size of their animals, their health conditions, and the quality of their meat.

We recently participated in the 2018 competition, which was sponsored by the local authorities. The regional Prefect was there, as well as representatives from the ministry in charge of breeding. Our stand was ranked first in all areas, and the Prefect told us: “I see that you take good care of your pigs. It reminds me of Christian education. You and all the workers here are serious, and you apply what you believe in all areas of life, including taking care of your animals. We encourage you to continue in this direction, and to help you, we will find a way to subsidize the animals’ food. That will be our contribution to your good work, so that the people can continue enjoying the good quality meat you produce.”

We are encouraged by our position in the region, thanks to your support through Partners International. We are even more encouraged that we’ll have more visibility, more connections with people, and thus, more opportunities to share about the God of excellence who loves us all so much!

We are now awaiting a new production of piglets. Please pray with us that the deliveries will go well, with minimal losses, and for the good health of the animals.

Some aspects of our ministry are supported by this project. Pray with us in the selling phase – that it will do well for income generation.

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