From a suffering wife to a happy trainer


CHSS May 2017 Update From a suffering wife to a happy trainer


Pan* used to have a difficult situation in her family. She has rheumatic aches. She also has a little son to take care of. Out of love, Pan’s husband didn’t want her to work. In the mainstream culture in China, people judge one’s success by the money he/she makes. Pan’s mother-in-law didn’t like her. She would always nag and blame Pan. Pan was not treated like part of the family. She has a brother-in-law. His wife worked and made good money. However, she didn’t help with meals or cleaning in family gatherings, but she was treated very nicely by Pan’s mother-in-law. Pan was hurt.


Thankfully, Pan has Jesus and her Women’s group (Tea Party started by our Women’s ministry) in the church. Though she felt frustrated a lot of the time, she was supported and counseled by other women in her group. They encouraged Pan to respond to her mother-in-law with love.


In a recent Chinese New Year family gathering, her brother-in-law’s wife lost her temper for a very little thing and left the gathering in anger. It made the family reflect on the different behaviors of the two daughter-in-law’s. They started to notice the kindness and service oriented attitude of Pan. Since that time, Pan’s mother-in-law appreciates her more than before. Pan is very grateful.


Pan gradually took responsibilities in Sunday school and Women’s ministry. She attended trainings and interned in Sunday school classes. Last year, she started training others with the help of her leader.


No matter what challenges she has in her personal life and ministry, in the Women’s group, she has a chance to share and pray with others. Now she is a great trainer! Praise God that her rheumatic aches have improved by 90%.


Like Pan, there are a lot of rural women facing daily challenges. Please pray that the Women’s ministry and training programs will meet the immediate need of Chinese rural women so that their lives will be transformed by Him.


Name* has been changed for security reasons.


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