A Successful Women’s ‘Deborah’ Conference

A Successful Women’s ‘Deborah’ ConferenceThanks to the Lord we have done a lot of great work this month.  We were able to see that everything depends on Him. All planned activates were implemented thanks to God’s provision and all of our partners.

In May we prepared for the women’s Debora Conference. We got in touch with all of the leaders and pastors of the churches in six of our regions, and they sent the women from their ministries that would benefit the most from the conference. We continually strive to maintain communication between pastors in all of our regions, so that solid relationships might be built between them, especially though events like this one.

The theme of the conference was based on the Great Commission in Matthew 28: “Go and Make Disciples of All Nations!” The goal of this conference was to support, encourage, and challenge local church women and isolated believers in ministry. We wanted to encourage them to be influential within their communities – to each be ‘Deborah’ for those that needed it – and able to grow and make new disciples as a result.

Overall, sixty-eight people took part in the conference. There were four from the US, four translators, three regional church leaders, four members of the worship team, two Alatoo leaders, and fifty-one women participants.

During the conference, the women were taught about many areas of practical discipleship. They learned that discipleship is not just meeting for Bible studies, but can also be done through participating in national games and traditions together. They learned about the importance of washing one another’s feet, intercessory prayer, and growing together in God’s Word. The were shown how to use social projects in their communities using local resources for discipleship, and the importance of sharing resources, just as the early church did. They were also asked to draw pictures of their dreams for their ministry work. All in all, it was a wonderful time of learning and growing together.

It was found through feedback from participants that the conference satisfied everyone’s expectations, and provided a clear picture for them about discipleship. Thanks to God, they have plans to run various activities in their communities in the future using their own talents and callings from the Lord.

A Successful Women’s ‘Deborah’ ConferenceHere are some of the things that the participants learned and took away from the conference:

  • Recognize and understand His calling
  • Discovered a vision about ourselves and God
  • Learned how to be disciple in our community
  • Gained a new knowledge of discipleship
  • Learned how to find people and disciple them
  • How to educate and prepare the disciples
  • Resting Spiritually
  • Clear understanding about what discipleship is
  • Performing a task from God’s calling


“Prior to this training, I thought that I needed to go somewhere with a Bible and find a special group to teach and disciple. Thanks to God’s leading through this conference, I found a new way of thinking. Finally, I understood that I was discipling at home, at work, and in my community. I want to thank everyone there who provided me with clear information about discipleship.  Now I am eager to improve my methods of teaching and would like to disciple everyone in my home group.”

“I came to Jesus fifteen years ago, and I recently had the chance to take part in this conference for a second time. I would like to share about my experiences after attending the conference. It impacted to my whole life and helped me to grow in my faith. Now I work in the local administration as a social worker for needy children. I think we should work with communities closely and influence them by being salt and light wherever we are. Outside of my main job, I am also a screenwriter. I wrote the plots of dramas from Bible stories with our disabled children, and they perform them in our theater. I understood the importance of our dramas in discipling people in our region. When we showed our performances in our theater, everyone enjoyed them and thanked us for what we were doing. One day the head of the local administration asked for permission to show all of our dramas in other regions. Thanks to the Lord for these new opportunities.”

Women in this country like to chat and drink tea together. Some other women that attended who regularly sit at home doing house work raising their children shared that they will invite their relatives, friends, and neighbors into their homes and disciple them during tea time.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that we would find more donors to sustain our projects.
  • We are hoping and praying that we are able to provide a summer camp for orphans and children from poor families in the villages where we work.
  • Pray for safety while we are providing medical clinics in two villages next month.
  • Pray that the Lord will guide, support, and take care of us.
  • Pray that our team would have a good summer holiday this month.
  • Pray for the implementation of a water reservoir project in one of our villages.
  • For our ministry leader’s family: Pray for their health.
  • For a worker’s family: Pray for the health of her parents, husband, and daughters and of herself. For the spiritual growth of her family.

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