Successful Distribution of Bibles

Successful Bible Distribution

Our ministry coordinated a lunch on the same day of the Muslim celebration of when, in their culture, God told Abraham to sacrifice his son. We took advantage of this date and produced a video in two languages: local Amazigh and Moroccan Arabic. In the video, two of our ministry workers explain God’s plan of salvation in a clear and direct way. They also explained that Jesus made the true sacrifice worth celebrating and that that was the reason He came to earth. We put a local phone number on both videos that we gave out.

We delivered over 100,000 copies of the video in Morocco, and in two weeks and we received over one thousand requests for Bibles. We distributed 665 Bibles face to face from September until mid-October, and we put in a request to buy more Bibles so that we could continue to distribute them to the rest of those who requested them. In September, we baptized 43 new believers. Glory to the Lord, as His church continues to grow!

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