Successful Disciple Making Movement Trainings

Successful Disciple Making Movement TrainingsRaphael*, a trader who attended our recent Disciple Making Movement training, had this to say about it:

My name is Raphael*, and I am a trader by profession, running an Income Generating Business called Raphael & Sons. I went through the church planting training in 2015. Before that, I was a simple Christian, but after the training, I tried to put into practice the practical advice and suggestions I had received.

I bought a plot of land, 55 kilometers away from the capital city. There, I built my house and introduced myself as a trader to the local community. I started collaborating with people and building relationships, just as the teachings recommended. I became part of the community, and we did business together. With time, I even built and developed a private school. Finally, the district came to me and asked me to join the council. They said they needed people like me to give good advice. Several times, year after year, I accepted, and sat on the district council, which was involved in conflict resolution. When there are cases around a property, I share wisdom from the Bible: The land belongs to everyone, but to the state first.

Because of its activities and community involvement, the church is recognized in the district. Some time ago, when the district divided more land into plots, they set plots apart for a mosque, for schools, and for a hospital. They asked me: “Won’t the church need a plot of land as well? You should not have to buy land for the church, because the church is important to the community.” They eventually gave us four plots. The district, the council, and the community gave us this gift, so that we might build a nice church property. This project is born out of the training.

This year, there were modules taught we did not learn in previous trainings. Multiplication is one aspect of this. We understand that if our friends come to faith, we can go further and plant more churches where there are none.

I thank the donors that support our ministry, I thank those who had the vision to help Guinea, and I thank the trainers that teach us the “how to” of doing this ministry. It is difficult to talk about Jesus in Guinea, but if we use this strategy, we’ll have success. We need to remember that the Gospel came here in 1918 – about 100 years ago. We still have not reached several people groups that live here, but with these trainings, we are getting closer every day. We pray that God will help us so that Guinea will be evangelized in a way that all the Guineans will hear the Gospel. Even they don’t accept, let them hear the message. Thank you.

*Name changed for security reasons

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