A subtle change in little John after tutoring


CHWC June 2017 Update a subtle change and children interacting


John is ten. His parents are teachers in a secondary school. They are atheists. They feel teaching their little John is a headache. John’s mother saw how another boy changed after coming to our center for a month. She decided to send John to our tutoring center for help.


A lot of children in the neighborhood are from migrant working families. They moved to cities from their village hometowns. After school, children can come here to do homework and get help. They can also play with other kids if they want.


John didn’t obey the rules at first. He liked doing what he wanted. He was very self-centered. After two weeks, he started to change. One month later, he started to obey the rules. When we got to know him, we figured out his story.


His father spoils him and the mother is very harsh towards him. Sometimes, John’s mother mocked him by saying things like, “You are not good enough. I will lose my face if I go to your school. Let your father meet your teacher.”


It hurt John and made him feel inferior. There is one time when John was crossing the road with one of our tutors. He suddenly stood still in the middle of the street when a car was coming. The tutor saved him. He said, “I want that car hit me.”


Please pray that we can work with his parents to adjust their parenting ways. Children need healthy families to grow in. When we spend time with these children with love, instead of making profit from them, they can feel our love. They open up to us. We thank God for the progress that we are seeing in little John’s life.


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