Students Serving in Prison Ministry

In January, February, and March of 2019, we were blessed to help six foreign inmates who finished their sentence and were released with new hope to reunite with their families. We helped them with the finalization of their official documentation and provided tickets for five of them. Three of the inmates are from Nigeria and four of the inmates are from Sri Lanka.

We are preparing now for the second cycle of visitations (out of six periods) to visit the 15 prisons all around the Jordan which will start in April.

JOEP March

We are blessed to have some students from a local school interested in our prison ministry. When we let the students get involved with the ministry, we give them an orientation, explaining all the different aspects of our ministry to them.

They were even more encouraged and came back for another visit with more students to help us with packing the ‘love gifts’ that we distribute to the inmates which include a hygiene kit and some personal items and a Bible in their language.

We are also pleased to inform you, that Tabitha Tailor Workshop reopened its doors. If you remember, Tabitha was established by our ministry to support released inmates to teach them a profession that they can use when they return to their country to earn a decent living. Last year and this year, the released inmates didn’t spend time in our care to teach them a profession; thus, we decided to use the tailor shop to support Arab women (Jordanian and Iraqi refugees) to earn a living. We thank you for your prayers.

Our team continues to serve at an embassy’s safe house, conducting a Bible study for the women trapped there and providing them with a home-cooked meal prepared by one of our volunteers weekly.


Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for the prison visitation cycle that will start on April 3rduntil April 24th. Where our volunteers will visit the 15 prisons in the different regions of Jordan.
  • Pray for protection for the team on the roads moving around the country, and security for their families on the days they are absently delivering the love of God.
  • Pray for the ministry at the safe house as we go there weekly to conduct a bible study and provide a meal to women trapped there until their issues are solved.

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