Street Plays Educate a Community

Street Plays Educate a CommunityAwareness and education are two key items on the road to ending human trafficking. To accomplish this, Oasis India staff and volunteers set up and act in street plays about child labor, child safety, and human trafficking in three different areas. One of the locations, the KRP market, is the connecting point between the states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. As it is a major roadway, it is always crowded, which helps us to reach the maximum amount of people with our message.

According to a recent survey conducted by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the state of Andhra Pradesh is second in the country in regards to the number of sex workers and amount of human trafficking activity. This makes the strategic placement of our street plays about these topics even more important.

Over six hundred people stopped to watch the street plays, and they all received pamphlets with more information about the child helpline (1908). The residents gave feedback on how the street plays have made a positive and much needed impact on their community. The play helped them to become more aware of the issue that is present in their communities, and gave them valuable information about how to combat it.

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