Strategies for Muslim Outreach

Zak*, the missionary serving among the Jula people group in the north, continues to undertake outreach work among the Jula Muslims and the Muslims from other nearby tribes. He trains individual Christians and Christian leaders on how to share the Gospel with Muslims, and recently visited five churches to that effect. He also uses our Christian films as part of his outreach to Muslims.

He is known among Muslims as a trusted Christian voice in the area, and as such serves as a resource to Muslim converts and would-be Muslims converts. He visited a village recently to encourage a group of ten believers who recently converted from Islam.

In his quest to guide Muslims to faith in Christ Jesus, Zak* also writes books. He has completed one titled, “The Lost Quran”. “Allah Has Spoken” is his next book, which is yet to be completed. He also does online evangelism and discipleship using the platform WhatsApp, where he engages and encourages Muslim converts.

He is building a center to serve as a resource base for Muslim evangelism and discipleship by providing training and literature on Muslim outreach. The structure is still under construction.

We pray that the Lord would use these various strategies to win the hearts of Muslims to Himself.

*Name changed for security reasons

4 Responses to “Strategies for Muslim Outreach”

  1. Susie Schneider

    Brother Zak,
    I prayed for you as I read this account. May God grant the gift of salvation to those you reach out to. May He open their minds and hearts to believe the Gospel.
    Susie in Texas

    • Christian Outreach Fellowship

      Thank you ‘Auntie Susie’ (in Ghanaian tone) for your prayers.

      Team COF.

  2. Ssembatya Umaru

    We bless God for the work. We are doing the same in Uganda, I pray we combine hands and see everyone accepting He’s as there personal savior. Am interested in the books, to add on what have also written.

    • Marisa Chandler

      Thank you for your interest Ssembatya! It’s wonderful you are doing the same work and would like to use the books, unfortunately, we are not able to share the books due to risking Zak’s safety.


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