H is 8 years old. He has been attending Sunday school of SN Church for two years. When H first came, he was a headache for all the teachers because he didn’t obey any rules. He didn’t cooperate with the teachers in class. All the teachers almost wanted to give up on him. They admitted that they didn’t have love for him. But praise God that they decided to trust H into God’s hands. Every time before the class started, the teachers prayed for him especially. They started to visit H’s home to spend some time with him.

They found that H is living with his 65 year-old grandmother who can’t hear well. His parents divorced after H’s first birthday. Han hasn’t seen his mother ever since. He always tried to avoid mentioning his mother. His father is working in a city and seldom calls him. The teachers felt like they had to do more for H.

They decided to take turns visiting H’s home every couple weeks. For half a year, it seemed that H didn’t respond much. But eventually, he started to change. He began to talk with teachers and other children with politeness. After school, he spent time doing homework. He became more active. He even invited the teachers to visit him and stay for meals.

The teachers called H’s father encouraging him to call H often to express his care and love. His father bought H a cell phone. Last summer vacation, H went to stay with his father for two months. Then he came back totally different. He became teachable and tried to help the teachers with whatever he could.

In a recent home visit, a teacher asked him if he needed any help with his homework. Surprisingly, H answered, “No. I can handle it. My score is pretty good. I’m the first in my class now. ” praise God!

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